Dysfunctional Shoes

24 Aug

Shoe shoppers alike, we all crave for shoes that are one of a kind. Eye-catching ones that light up your path, a pair of cutesy heels that whisper angelic, Lara Croft’s sexy meets don’t-mess-with-me style, slip on sandals for the beach or perhaps just a sturdy pair of heels that you can jump around in and never break?

Check these out. Incredibly awesome, and incredibly insane.

Illuminated Shoes


Modern shoes by Francesca Castagnacci come with integrated optical fibre that creates awesome light effects. A light unto thy path indeed.

Heel-less Shoes


These no heels shoes are designed by Chau Hau Lee. Now your heels will never break.

Wooden Sandals


Going back to our asian roots, these lightweight summer shoes are inspired by sandals worn by the Japanese.

Bang Bang Pow


These gun hoof shoes are by Iris Schieferstein. Its fierceness come not only from the weapon, but the shoes itself are modelled after hoofs. Appealing or disturbing?

Wings of an Angel


These pigeon shoes are designed and created by by Iris Schieferstein from Germany as well.

Skeletal Shoes

I love the way the spine around the heels give this sexy pair a brittle vibe. Get this Skeletal stiletto from Dsquared2’s 2010 fall collection.


Chain Shoes


Last but not least comes my favourite emulation of all shoe lovers. Are you a slave to your shoes? Chain yourself to it with these unique shoes by Tove Jansson and Per Emanuelsson from Sweden.





One Response to “Dysfunctional Shoes”

  1. nicole 29 August 2010 at 12:59 #

    lol i would actually wear the last two.

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