Janine, Elena, Jacinda, Amanda

We are four girls with vastly different styles who share a passion for fashion, and Nevernude is our project. Nevernude is about diversity. We know that there are millions of girls and guys out there, all with their own style and all equally amazing. And so, with this in mind, we’ve set out to find and create fashion gems that we hope every girl will love. Alongside our online store project, we’ve also started an online journal where we record our daily thoughts and musings on fashion.

I love wearing simple black pieces as they are so versatile, yet chic and classy. However, I have been experimenting with more colours these days as my friends complain that I’m always in black. The two things that I can never live without are my heels and hairbands! I always feel that slipping on a pair of heels makes a woman feel confident, elegant and sexy. Also, it definitely completes an outfit.

If I had to describe my style in three words, it would be quirky, loud, and edgy. I so love bright, almost neon, colours. I also love edgy stuff, especially accessories, like huge studded leather cuffs. I like to experiment and mix pieces of different styles in an outfit (sometimes with disastrous results). My favourite thing about fashion is that it’s always evolving, and that there’s always something new to play with.

I am a minimalist. I like straight cuts and clean lines with a feminine touch. I like classy. I feel funny when I wear super high heels (because I’ll be awkwardly tall); though I do wish that I owned pumps in every single colour and design. I also wish Singapore wasn’t so hot, so I could dress up every day without ever perspiring.

Flowery prints, colours of the rainbow, intricate patterns, and cute little brollies. These are a few of my favourite things. Though they are bright and loud, I love it when dressy pieces are matched with our plain everyday basics. Personally I have a huge issue with my flabs and wobbles so it’s important that every girl knows how to play up their advantages, wherever it may be – prominent collarbones, skinny forearms etc. We are beautiful (I think).

Nevernude isn’t just about us. We always welcome suggestions and comments. Share with us your views! You could be our next guest blogger or designer.

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