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We’re back!!

30 Nov

Hi everybody!

Sorry for the long hiatus; we’ve been busy with school and exams. But we’re finally back 🙂 Except for Janine, who will be back too very very soon.

So do check back often for new posts from us. We promise to spam all of you with way too much nonsense now that we have so much free time on our hands. Yay holidays!

Love, as always,
Nevernude (minus Janine for the time being)


Chris Evans, WTF?

29 Sep

Okay here’s Chris Evans.

Okay now here are Chris Evans’ feet.


Umm… are those FEET BOOTS?! Chris Evans, wtf?

Rain boots (or wellies)

26 Sep

The weather has been wet and gloomy the past few days, so I thought I’d cheer things up with an appropriate post about wellies!


Girls in Singapore aren’t too into wearing wellies. Maybe it’s because any sort of boot just looks a bit weird with the Singaporean climate, or maybe we just need somebody to start doing it before we’re willing to follow.

Well, when Singaporeans think about wellington boots, the first thing that comes to mind is probably

Phua Chu Kang


Or fish market boots


But not all wellies are that boring! There are rain boots that combine both form and function to give you something very pretty, eye catching and perfectly wearable on Singapore’s rainy days. Rain boots come in all shapes and colours.

You have boots that lace up the front, like tall Converse sneakers.

You have boots that lace up the back, like Victorian riding boots.

You also have rain boots that aren’t boots at all! How about some rain flats for the boot-averse Singaporean girl?

If you like loud, bold, prints, there are plenty of designs to choose from as well! Who needs rainbows when you have these colourful babies?

Sweet, cheerful hearts.

Or funky graphics and leopard preens from tokidoki?

Of course, if you’re the sort of girl who prefers things simple and old fashioned, there’s always the good old yellow wellie 🙂

Okay, I think that’s enough wellie photos to last us the whole rainy season 🙂 What do you think about wearing wellies in Singapore?


Fall/Winter 2010

31 Aug

Fall is falling! (Haha, I couldn’t resist.) So here’s a post on the fashions that will befall us these coming seasons. Chanel vs. McQueen: my least favourite and my mostmostmost favourite ready to wear collections this season. Sorry Chanel fans, but after you see for yourself, I’m sure you’ll agree that their Fall/Winter 2010 collection is disappointing.

Chanel has gone fur crazy. Incredibly shaggy fur boots that look like the rug has climbed up your leg, and huge fur coats that threaten to suffocate you. The models look like they’re drowning in dead animals. Also, I have a huge issue with designers that use real fur (though Janine said that this particular collection is not real fur). What is wrong with faux fur? It’s cleaner, smells better, and doesn’t require as much maintenance.

This collection has some real cute stuff, but the furry stuff totally overwhelmed everything. Take a look for yourself. Photos taken from

These are from Chanel. I’m not kidding.

Hello, I’m a grizzly bear wearing the pelt of a polar bear. Or a model who’s wearing furry pants and furry paw-shoes and has no hands.

Another fur overdose. This model looks like a zombie gogo dancer.

These next few are my favourites from the collection. Obviously they don’t involve crazy furry things. Though the sock-boots are a bit hmm. It already takes a lot to pull off socks with heels, but these? These are boots pretending to be heels with socks in them. I don’t know though; I kind of like them! What do you think? Yay or nay?

See? This dress is so cute! All vintage-looking and meek. Why didn’t Chanel stick with dresses like these?

I really like this one too. Love the colours and the high collar.

Alexander McQueen is one of my favourite designers. He was a fashion genius. This collection was inspired by Byzantine art. It’s beautiful, sophisticated and, as usual, full of attitude. There are lots of interesting fabrics in this collection. The dresses are also well-structured and have really interesting silhouettes. Have a look at his runway collection as well, it is amazing! Photos taken from McQueen website.

This one is a lot more interesting close up. The fabric reminds me of wings.

This jacket is also much more impressive up close. The colour and texture combine to make this jacket super amazing. By the way, McQueen’s heels are always stunning, don’t you think?

Compare this elegant figure-flattering dress to any furry thing from Chanel’s collection.

I really wish Singapore had seasons, then we could be part of the fun too! So, what do you think of this year’s Fall/Winter collections?


Hi Nicole, I painted my nails neatly… then picked them all off.

15 Aug

So, my friend Nicole and I are both obsessed with nail polish. We collect nail polish like how karang gunis collect newspapers. We are almost neurotic about the neatness of our nails and the polish on them. But unfortunately, I have a huge problem: I pick at my nails.

See, I take all this time to try to get my nails perfect.

Then I pick at them till they’re super short and stubby. This was only a day or two later.

It’s a bad habit I can’t seem to kick. I think I tend to start doing it when I’m stressed or upset. Please, please if anyone knows something I can do to curb this annoying habit, TELL ME!!!

Nevernude love

9 Aug

We had our first group picture during our photoshoot!

From left: Elena, Janine, Me, Amanda

We were all wearing our own outfits which was supposed to define our different styles. And the girls looked really pretty!

Do you like it?


Green bags

6 Aug

So, I was thinking about this summer’s weaved bags that Amanda did a post about some time ago. It reminded me of a whole different sort of weaved bag: the sort that’s made of candy wrappers.

Since a long, long time ago, I’ve been ogling these bags from Ecoist.

Aren’t they soooo cute? They’re handmade using recycled candy wrappers and are eco-friendly yet super chic! They come in many different sizes, from the tiny coin purse to the roomy oversized carry-all, so you should be able to find a bag for any occasion. I really love how colourful and cheerful they are! If you’re looking for a statement piece to accessorise with to spice up an outfit, you should definitely consider getting one of these.

My boyfriend Jacob was shopping in the US earlier this year and came across a shop selling one of these bags, so he got it for me! Mine is from Nahui Ollin, another brand that also focuses on recycled candy wrapper bags. I love love love it!! It’s a small wristlet, with a red leather wrist strap and a yellow leather zipper pull.

Of course, candy wrappers aren’t the only things that can be recycled into bags. This little piece of arm candy is another eco-friendly bag I got. It’s made of soda cans.

However, if you’re not into overly colourful bags or if you’re going for a more rugged look, then you’d probably prefer one of these bags from The Rainforest Site.

These bags and wallets are made from recycled tire tubes. Not only are they super unique and badass, they’re also sure to last longer than your usual bag since they’re made from tough black rubber. Another cool thing about these tire tube bags is that no two are completely alike, since they’re made from different tire tubes and will have different patterns and markings on them. What’s more, the website uses a portion of the money made from sales to save rainforests!

In my opinion, there are few things better than helping to save the environment and looking good at the same time. Do your part for the Earth and get one of these cute eco-friendly bags!

Candy wrapper bags at Ecoist and Nahui Ollin.
Tire tube bags at The Rainforest Site.