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Socks with Sandals trend?

30 Oct

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of the combination of socks + sandals?

Mine would be an old man wearing high waisted pants, donning a hat, using his umbrella as a walking stick AND of course, matching his cute outfit with his favourite pair of sandals with socks on.





Sure, wearing socks with sandals makes an old man look ‘cute’ and also makes sure that their “smelly” feet will always be contained within the comfort of those socks…




Anyway, I shall stop talking about old men and divert us back to the main point of this entry.


I am sure most of you nudies would have heard about this season’s trend of wearing socks with sandals,  made popular by high fashion runway shows.





Methinks that this “old” trend is actually okay IF AND ONLY IF you pair it with a cute pair of socks and also the right sandals to match the socks. Also, it will be a bonus if your legs are as long as the Mississippi River or the Great Wall of China, or that you are some hot model or celebrity who can pull of weird outfits and make them the “in” thing this season.

Maybe I should get Jac to try this new trend during the next photoshoot.


Anyway, during a “Halloween” themed event in school, I decided to try out it out. However, it was an epic failure because my Sis accidentally brought my socklings instead of my knee high socks that I bought from Japan 😦 At least I tried!

Our group theme was “goth” and the first thing that came to our mind was BLACK and that was why we were all in black. We have no creativity 😦 I googled “GOTH” the previous night and all the girls really looked so gothic, scary yet pretty at the same time.

Anyway, I hoped you enjoyed the pictures!

Do continue to support us @ Nevernude! 😀

And, lastly…





Collection 5 Preview!

13 Sep


We have been on a mini hiatus due to school but fret not, our Collection 5 is finally going to be up in a couple of hours (when Jac wakes up)!

Since I am taking a break from mugging now, I shall bombard this post with preview pictures of Collection 5!


(I stole Xanga’s emoticon since I can’t find any on WordPress)

I absolutely love the lace details on this dress. It’s perfect as a dress for a dinner outing when paired with the right heels and accessories or you can even wear it as a top when tucked into a pair of shorts or skirt.

On the side note, Jac looks like she is sleeping while standing up in the middle picture.

And for all the office ladies out there or girls who love dresses with a more formal feel, we have our Structured Dress specially for you!

And it comes in two colours – Charcoal & Beige

Vintage lovers will adore our 2 vintage pieces in this collection too!

Remember this dress? It is the same vintage dress that Jac wore to model for our clutches.  Some of you asked about this vintage dress and here it is!

Our vintage tunic!

Also, our spoilt umbrella is back!!! It started drizzling during the shoot so we had to use the umbrella.


This cute red twirly dress is so Elena!

And last but not least, our black and white stripey skirt!

Did you like anything?


Do look out for our new collection at Nevernude soon!



The “Invisible” Panteez!

20 Aug

Say goodbye to thongs sticking out of your pair of low-rise denim jeans!

With My Panteez, you get to wear your favourite low-rise jeans without exposing your thongs to the public! It comes in 4 colours and is made from eco-friendly bamboo fibers, are hypo-allergenic and soft and machine washable!

In Fair:

In Nude:

In Tan:

In Black:

I’m not sure how comfortable My Panteez is, but I guess it’s worth a try for those girls with thongs sticking out of their jeans all the time. UNLESS they are doing it on purpose.



“smallest waist in the world”

18 Aug

Ann from ANTM Cycle 15 “has the smallest waist in the world” as quoted by Tyra Banks.


I wonder how her photos will turn out if she actually makes it in.

By the way, Nevernude’s Collection 4 has launched!

Click here to start shopping!



Sneak Preview of Collection 4!

17 Aug

Hi girlies!

These are some of my favourites from Collection 4 which will be launched tonight!

Do look out for Nevernude’s Collection 4!

We have added the past collections’ items as well, so there are around 20 items just for you girls!



Oyee Design!

12 Aug

I am so in love with OyeeDesign‘s pumps. They are all so unique, chic and trendy!

My all time favourite would be YummyKimmi, featuring a melting Ice Cream cone with different flavours.

There is also Fondue Luv which I find super girly and cute:

Another of my favourite would be the one featuring Michael Jackson and his lyrics:

This is Lucky:


This is FollowMe:

Don’t you girls love them as much as I do?!


Marni Goat Hair Leather Bag

10 Aug

marni goat hair leather handbag Marnis goat hair leather handbag: because you can never have enough hair...

This must be the hairiest bag I’ve seen in my life.

And guess what’s the retail price in £619.23!

Which equates to approximately $1400 for goat hair. Meh.

Those who love Marni’s Goat Hair Leather Bag so much, please click here and purchase it now. Make sure you shampoo and condition it well too.Perhaps you could try taking it to the hair salon to give it a nicer and more outstanding colour, let’s say pink or purple?

Good thing about this bag is that you can accessorize it like how you accessorize your own hair with pretty hair clips, hair  extensions, et cetera. You may even be able to use your hair curler on this hairy bag too!


More pictures below…

large product image