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Socks with Sandals trend?

30 Oct

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of the combination of socks + sandals?

Mine would be an old man wearing high waisted pants, donning a hat, using his umbrella as a walking stick AND of course, matching his cute outfit with his favourite pair of sandals with socks on.





Sure, wearing socks with sandals makes an old man look ‘cute’ and also makes sure that their “smelly” feet will always be contained within the comfort of those socks…




Anyway, I shall stop talking about old men and divert us back to the main point of this entry.


I am sure most of you nudies would have heard about this season’s trend of wearing socks with sandals,  made popular by high fashion runway shows.





Methinks that this “old” trend is actually okay IF AND ONLY IF you pair it with a cute pair of socks and also the right sandals to match the socks. Also, it will be a bonus if your legs are as long as the Mississippi River or the Great Wall of China, or that you are some hot model or celebrity who can pull of weird outfits and make them the “in” thing this season.

Maybe I should get Jac to try this new trend during the next photoshoot.


Anyway, during a “Halloween” themed event in school, I decided to try out it out. However, it was an epic failure because my Sis accidentally brought my socklings instead of my knee high socks that I bought from Japan 😦 At least I tried!

Our group theme was “goth” and the first thing that came to our mind was BLACK and that was why we were all in black. We have no creativity 😦 I googled “GOTH” the previous night and all the girls really looked so gothic, scary yet pretty at the same time.

Anyway, I hoped you enjoyed the pictures!

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And, lastly…





Hong Kong!!!

2 Aug

Hi girls!

So, I went to Hong Kong for a holiday with my boyfriend recently. Of course my main focus for most of the trip was the fashion there. Hong Kong people have a really unique style. I can’t decide if it’s something I can appreciate though. You know sometimes you see a girl dress in this outfit that you totally won’t want to wear and probably can’t pull off, but then you realise it’s kinda nice still? Well, all I was getting wtih the Hong Kong fashion was don’t want, can’t pull off, and super doubtful about whether or not it was nice anyway.

Harem pants were totally popular there. And while they’re kinda cool and artsy in a way, they just don’t do much for me. I mean, they’re not that flattering and they don’t look too comfortable either, with swathes of material hanging around the ass and thighs. And why would you want to have the crotch of your pants significantly lower than your actual crotch? This is one trend I hope will never catch on in Singapore.

Style spotting! Dudes in Hong Kong dress cooler than dudes here. And ankle-level shoes were everywhere in Hong Kong!

Hong Kong people’s taste in shoes has vastly, vastly improved since I was there last August! Girls, if there is one thing you all should know about me, it’s that my biggest weakness is shoes. I loooove shoes. So anyways, the first thing I noticed is that more Hong Kong girls are wearing heels now. Which is good! I love heels. Since I’ve put on some weight from my various trips to various foody countries in the past year, I now rely on heels to give my legs the impression of shapeliness and length. Without heels, I’m basically a short stumpy round thing.

One of the pairs of heels I bought

The whole military look has lasted throughout a whole season! I kinda like it. Military chic!!

This season, ankle-level shoes are in, especially sandals. While I love how they look on the shelf, I have to keep telling myself not to buy them because I don’t have enough leg (lengthwise) to pull them off. If you wanna look good in these, you need to be really skinny and ideally, really tall.

Shoe store full of ankle sandals.

Ankle strap heels inspired by Balmain, and Balmain’s Crystal Embellished Studded Sandals (Spring 2009) respectively (below).

I dunno though, maybe I might just give in and buy a pair of them just in case?

And I also saw many girls wearing neon Nike dunks, which are cool too. Though in my opinion, dunks are way too stuffy for hot equatorial weather, don’t you think? Still, if they’re your kind of thing, go right ahead with the neon colours! I love neon shoes, they make your whole outfit that much brighter.

Oh and before I forget, GIRLS!!! If any of you are planning to go shopping for shoes in Garden Street, there is a shop called Butterfly which you are to avoid at all costs! They tried to cheat me 😦 Basically I asked for a pair of shoes in size 36, but after I’d walked off quite some distance, I decided to evaluate my purchase and peel off all the stickers (I can’t stand stickers on my new stuff). Then I realised that they’d pasted “36” on top of the REAL sizing number etched on the sole, “37”. Omg my boyfriend was so angry. We went back to confront them about it and they admitted that they didn’t have size 36 in stock, and my boyfriend was so ready to give them a good scolding except he couldn’t speak cantonese. I ended up having to wait 3 days before going back there to collect my size 36. So I repeat, DO NOT GO TO A SHOE STORE IN GARDEN STREET CALLED BUTTERFLY.

Well, except for that bit, my trip there was pretty good. Hopefully their taste in shoes would have improved even more the next time I go there 🙂

Elena from Nevernude