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Clearance Sale!

15 Dec

Hi girls!

Looking for a Christmas present for loved ones? Or are you eying that dress for Christmas thats way too expensive for your budget and you are really dead broke?

Fret not! Nevernude’s having a mega clearance and Christmas sale!

Everything below $20, mailed!!

Hurry and shop now at Nevernude before they get sold out!

*We seek your patience in processing your orders as we are receiving a lot of emails. Do note that we are replying as fast as we can! Thank you! (:



Bandage Backorder II

1 Dec

More COLOURS for each and every special day

Bandage Skirts |ˈbandij skərt|
A versatile skirt made of strips of material that hugs fittingly around your body, accentuating those skinny hips, and modelling your sexy legs, without becoming an obnoxious skank with thick cottony material

Thank you for being such great friends and customers to our earlier backorder. 🙂 This time we increased the range of colours to suit each and every occasion!


in  Lilac

Sky Blue

in  Sky Blue

and in Violet

and of course, our usual selection of Navy blue, Teal, Black and Brink pink 🙂 Choice of length – long or short. For more details, check our store out!

What are u waiting for? Draw attention in comfort, with these new shades of our versatile bandage skirt.



Collection 7

26 Oct

Its winter right now in lots of countries, but in our sunny island called Singapore we have summer all year round!

Firstly for this collection, we bring you English florals in royal blue and vintage yellow.

A perfect top for a day out on a picnic, or Sunday brunch. Sitting down and sipping tea, acting like we’re English royals in our little world.

For the Sweet, Casual yet HOT. Banded around the waist, it show glimpses of your hips without being too bold.

Cutesy shorts ending in a bow. The shorts are in dark denim, flattering and good material. Besides, do you really have enough shorts? 😉


And the highlight of this collection: Structured Lace Jacket

Pull it over an everyday shirt to dress up your outfit! The lace details on this jacket are immaculate.

For more check the store out

Because we can be nevernude






Collection 6 Preview

5 Oct

Hey nudees!

Thank you for being such supportive customers and friends! Sales have been going great and so we’re all really excited to bring you Collection VI!!! Here’s a preview of our favourite pieces:


Intricate patterns that are contrasted to clarity against the black slip, great material. You can wear it as a crop top with a dress or pair it with  a spag and pull on a pair of waisted shorts. Versatile and stylish!


Pink, black and grey. And with the crazy weather in Singapore, this top will preserve your sweet disposition! Who wants to look like a melting popsicle?


Night out, party. Party some more. Get drunk. Concuss. And still look great! The lacey details are awesome. So remember to check these three beaaautifuls tomorrow when they are launched!

Oh and on top of that, we brought back BANDAGE SKIRTS! Passe? Impossible, cause I just saw you wearing that last week. Kidding, but basics last forever and great ones like these last for an eternity.

check them out!!

In Navy Blue

In Turquoise (the colour is more turquoise than baby blue i.e. greenish blue)

There are many more colours – black, pink etc. And they come in two lengths! Long (as in the navy picture) or you can have it short like the turquoise one 🙂 What is your favourite colour?

Be the first to see it all.



No to slippers with jeans

27 Jul

Why do people pair jeans with slippers?

To me, jeans are a dressier piece and should be paired with heels or flats. Girls should not wear sandals or slippers with jeans. It looks kinda sloppy, unsightly and auntish.

If your reason for wearing slippers with jeans is that its warm or you are trying the casual look, then go for a dress or pair your top with a cute skirt. Wouldn’t that be more cooling and also casual and much prettier?

Just look at Mila Kunis. She looked really pretty in her top and jeans.

But you scroll down further and find that she is wearing slippers. And now she just looks incomplete.


Oh. And guys too! You should pair jeans with proper shoes and not slippers, or even worse, running shoes. Those shoes are really ugly! Please go out and buy a nice proper pair of shoes unless you want to prance in your house or the gym or your jogging track or whatever.

Oh wells, but i guess if you are really hot, you’d look good no matter what you wear. See Jessica Alba below.

P.S This is just my opinion. I’m not some fashion adviser.