Collection 6 Preview

5 Oct

Hey nudees!

Thank you for being such supportive customers and friends! Sales have been going great and so we’re all really excited to bring you Collection VI!!! Here’s a preview of our favourite pieces:


Intricate patterns that are contrasted to clarity against the black slip, great material. You can wear it as a crop top with a dress or pair it with  a spag and pull on a pair of waisted shorts. Versatile and stylish!


Pink, black and grey. And with the crazy weather in Singapore, this top will preserve your sweet disposition! Who wants to look like a melting popsicle?


Night out, party. Party some more. Get drunk. Concuss. And still look great! The lacey details are awesome. So remember to check these three beaaautifuls tomorrow when they are launched!

Oh and on top of that, we brought back BANDAGE SKIRTS! Passe? Impossible, cause I just saw you wearing that last week. Kidding, but basics last forever and great ones like these last for an eternity.

check them out!!

In Navy Blue

In Turquoise (the colour is more turquoise than baby blue i.e. greenish blue)

There are many more colours – black, pink etc. And they come in two lengths! Long (as in the navy picture) or you can have it short like the turquoise one 🙂 What is your favourite colour?

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Chris Evans, WTF?

29 Sep

Okay here’s Chris Evans.

Okay now here are Chris Evans’ feet.


Umm… are those FEET BOOTS?! Chris Evans, wtf?

Rain boots (or wellies)

26 Sep

The weather has been wet and gloomy the past few days, so I thought I’d cheer things up with an appropriate post about wellies!


Girls in Singapore aren’t too into wearing wellies. Maybe it’s because any sort of boot just looks a bit weird with the Singaporean climate, or maybe we just need somebody to start doing it before we’re willing to follow.

Well, when Singaporeans think about wellington boots, the first thing that comes to mind is probably

Phua Chu Kang


Or fish market boots


But not all wellies are that boring! There are rain boots that combine both form and function to give you something very pretty, eye catching and perfectly wearable on Singapore’s rainy days. Rain boots come in all shapes and colours.

You have boots that lace up the front, like tall Converse sneakers.

You have boots that lace up the back, like Victorian riding boots.

You also have rain boots that aren’t boots at all! How about some rain flats for the boot-averse Singaporean girl?

If you like loud, bold, prints, there are plenty of designs to choose from as well! Who needs rainbows when you have these colourful babies?

Sweet, cheerful hearts.

Or funky graphics and leopard preens from tokidoki?

Of course, if you’re the sort of girl who prefers things simple and old fashioned, there’s always the good old yellow wellie 🙂

Okay, I think that’s enough wellie photos to last us the whole rainy season 🙂 What do you think about wearing wellies in Singapore?


Not cool Lady Gaga

15 Sep

Here’s what Lady Gaga wore to the 2010 Mtv Video Music Awards.





Thats just plain disgusting.

And the fact that it might be crawling with maggots made it worse.

Okay I think I need to puke.


Collection 5 Preview!

13 Sep


We have been on a mini hiatus due to school but fret not, our Collection 5 is finally going to be up in a couple of hours (when Jac wakes up)!

Since I am taking a break from mugging now, I shall bombard this post with preview pictures of Collection 5!


(I stole Xanga’s emoticon since I can’t find any on WordPress)

I absolutely love the lace details on this dress. It’s perfect as a dress for a dinner outing when paired with the right heels and accessories or you can even wear it as a top when tucked into a pair of shorts or skirt.

On the side note, Jac looks like she is sleeping while standing up in the middle picture.

And for all the office ladies out there or girls who love dresses with a more formal feel, we have our Structured Dress specially for you!

And it comes in two colours – Charcoal & Beige

Vintage lovers will adore our 2 vintage pieces in this collection too!

Remember this dress? It is the same vintage dress that Jac wore to model for our clutches.  Some of you asked about this vintage dress and here it is!

Our vintage tunic!

Also, our spoilt umbrella is back!!! It started drizzling during the shoot so we had to use the umbrella.


This cute red twirly dress is so Elena!

And last but not least, our black and white stripey skirt!

Did you like anything?


Do look out for our new collection at Nevernude soon!



Our first guest post by Steffi!

3 Sep

Nevernude: Hi girls! Here’s a fun read for Friday, by our very first guest blogger Steffi (yoghurtandmuesli@xanga)!



Hi there. So, these are from Miu Miu’s collection some time back. Don’t worry, this isn’t one of those fashion posts where I’ll try to come across all fashioneeesta & pretend like I know all about every high-end designer out there and the thread they used on that skirt in that collection of that season of that year. Heck if I know. So I won’t try to sound like I know anything very much, because frankly, I don’t. I do not follow fashion, and I certainly do not own enough branded things for anyone to even begin being bothered to count them. In fact, when it comes to clothes and shit, I have a shitload of stuff that I like and I want but which never, ever, end up in my possession. And I’m okay with that. I just don’t see myself forking out my parents’ money to buy a pair of shoes and a handbag. Not unless they have a ton of money that they really have no use for and would like to get rid off. Then yes. Instead of having them clean the kitchen top with $1000 bills, I might purchase a luxury item or two. But barring that, I just don’t think it’s nice to splurge with money that you didn’t even earn yourself if you don’t exactly have a shitload of money to begin with.

(Really friggin awesome origami that I would attempt if I were a rich girl, na na na na na.)
Anyway, you know how some non-luxury brands tend to make (insert some luxury brand name)-inspired stuff? I was just wondering, what do people think about that? I know some really sneer at it, and some for (what I think are) the wrong reasons. I honestly don’t care if it’s a ‘low-class’ brand ‘pretending’ to be a ‘high-class’ one. Don’t be snooty, now. (But also, don’t pretend that you’re loaded and all, that makes you look kinda dumb.)

More importantly, is doing something like that going against like, I don’t know, intellectual property or something? Copying someone’s idea and selling it as your own? Or is that only wrong if it’s replicated wholesale? Is then it a-okay if you tweak it and then sell it as your own? I mean, that is the basis of innovation, right? That’s how progress is made. And isn’t inspiration part and parcel of the whole magical floaty creative realm of art? I don’t know, I tend to have mixed feelings about this. As an artist, I would hate for someone to steal my creative inspiration when I’m still not done getting what I want out of it.. Dude, it’s not right that anybody else is profiting from my magical ideas. That’s my brain you’re taking things out of. Stop that. But on the other hand, why should us normal peasants be denied prettiness and glorious things just because we’re not blessed with a ton of money?

What do other humans think?

Oh and by the way I think it’s a little bit cute that Miu Miu had a cat-print bonanza because Miu Miu sounds like Meow Meow which is like, you know, the sound that cats make.

Alright don’t judge me on that one.



Gemma Ward

2 Sep

I think Gemma Ward is really gorgeous.

I like that she has a unique face which isn’t the typical hot model look.

Is Sasha Pivovarova the New Gemma Ward?



Gemma Ward : °°°Gemma°°°


Mag Hag: Gemma Ward on Spanish Marie Claire

Gemma Ward Picture 11



Ward (second from right) at 16, on the cover of Vogue in September 2004 with Gisele, Daria and Natalia.

Second from right


If I looked like that, I wouldn’t mind if I had gained a couple of pounds.

Anyway, doesn’t Amanda Seyfried look a bit like Gemma Ward?